Abstract Submission

ISPAMED invites you to submit an abstract to the International Conference Innovations for Sustainable Crop Production in the Mediterranean Region.

Our esteemed abstract chairs and reviewers will evaluate the best abstracts that will be considered as oral abstracts. All abstracts selected for presentation will be physically presented in Palermo.

After the conference, all participants will be encouraged to submit a full paper to one Dedicated Special Issue in Agronomy (Impact Factor: 3.949)

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Abstract submission

Regular Abstract submission open until 15 June 2023.

Submission Guidelines
  • Abstracts can only be submitted online.
  • Abstract submission must be in one of the different tracks. The tracks are subdivided into 20 abstract topics

TOPIC_1 – Climate Change, Biodiversity and Mediterranean Production;

  1. Sustainable growing systems and crop production management for improved efficiency use of resources (water, nutrients and light);
  2. Use of genetic resources and functional genomics/proteomics to improve crop production and quality and abiotic stress resistance;
  3. Agronomic strategies for climate change mitigation and adaptation in the mediterranean environment;
  4. Life cycle assessment for crop productions

TOPIC_2 – Enhancement of water resources and food safety

  1. Innovative irrigation methods and techniques for enhancing the use of treated wastewater
  2. Constructed wetland systems and other nature-based solutions for sustainable water management
  3. Effects of treated wastewater irrigation on crop production and quality
  4. Farmer acceptance and perception of agricultural wastewater reuse

TOPIC_3 – Economic aspects, sustainable crop production and Consumption Models

  1. Agriculture and migration
  2. Economic aspects production in the Mediterranean environment
  3. Sustainable food consumption in the Mediterranean environment
  4. Techniques and innovations methodologies for estimating sustainability

TOPIC_4 – Advances in plant diseases and arthropod pests management in a context of climatic change

  1. Application of innovative techniques for the detection of plant pathogens
  2. Tomato brown rugose fruit virus outbreak in Sicily: the evolution of its management after its first introduction in 2018
  3. Effects of abiotic stresses and climate change on plant-fungi symbiosis
  4. Invasive and Emerging Plant Diseases and insect pests

TOPIC_5 – Sustainable greenhouse production systems for vegetable crops

  1. Soilless systems for sustainable horticultural production: hydroponics, aeroponics, aquaponics
  2. Smart greenhouse technologies and production protocols to reduce gas emissions
  3. Renewable energy for greenhouse
  4. Artificial lighting for greenhouse productions

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    The submission of an abstract constitutes a formal commitment by the submitting (presenting) author to present the abstract (if accepted) in the form, session and at the time assigned by the Programme Committee.